Offer Management

Increase revenue with personalized products and pricing.

Our offer management tools enable you to accurately build and link complex offers to the right audience in the right channel, every time.


Customers experience a reduced time to production by more than 70%

Increase the number of targeted offers to market

Dynamic Offer Matrices

Scale personalized offers without stressing current resources, and get rid of messy Excel documents.
  • Easily manage targeted offers without the mess of multiple spreadsheets, all while being scalable to any size and complexity
  • Collaborate with role based permissions and track changes with Naehas’ version history to ensure all the right changes are made — and none of the unwanted ones
  • Improve conversion rates through more granular customer segmentation and offer personalization


A prime rate change used to take us weeks to implement and now it takes us

an afternoon for all our acquisition marketing. It almost feels like magic."


Business Rule Management

Instead of spending resources on manually determining what goes where, evolve for the better. Let our automated business rules save you time, effort, and money — Freeing you up to focus on driving the business.
  • Personalize content and offers by applying the appropriate business rule in every data-driven scenario
  • Save time and energy by managing offers with automated business rules instead of manually-created versions
  • Ensure each offer is associated with the correct content and disclosures

Flexible Offer Architecture

Personalize a combination of content, creative, rates, and expiration dates that vary based on customer data directly and flawlessly within the Naehas platform!
  • Achieve personalization at scale across channels with direct in-platform data file processing and integration with your existing platforms and external channel partners
  • Ability to ingest your existing data sources or integrate with your systems AND have an easy-to-use marketing automation platform
  • Remove the risk of using outdated Excel documents by managing disclosure content in a central collaboration platform

Workflow & Governance

Leave manual proofing, reviews and approvals in the past with Naehas’ quality assurance tools. With this easy-to-use automated process, you’ll have the confidence to market your products efficiently and without worry. Get it right, every time.
  • Be on top of your project’s status with tracking of tasks
  • Manage and track comments within the Naehas platform — no more downloading, attaching, and emailing proofs
  • Receive automatic email notifications for deliverables and due dates while initiating and tracking existing relationships and workflows

Quality Assurance

Worry no longer — our QA tools provide the “red flag” you need before hitting send.
  • Quickly confirm that only the expected changes are present with our print and HTML visual compare tools
  • Avoid fines by ensuring that every message is compliant, every time
  • Guarantee no unexpected changes with our pixel and text comparison tools