How AI Streamlines Marketing Compliance and Prioritizes Hyper-Personalization


Finding proven solutions, while managing a challenging role, is not always easy for finserv marketers. An in-depth information exchange was recently held between a senior banking executive, system integration partner and software platform founder. The focus: proven marketing compliance solutions where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been leveraged to help banks streamline processes and maximize resources.

The panelists shared their experience in a case study, summarized here, which generated remarkable results. Along with this article, a webinar and companion eBook created from the discussion offer relatable, replicable support for martech leaders managing disclosures and compliance. It’s not-to-be-missed guidance for marketing compliance teams looking for proven hyper-personalization practices that drive relationships and revenue.

Panelists Offer Proven Solutions for Finserv Marketers

Contributing first-hand insights and expertise in the areas of offer management, compliance, disclosures, customer engagement and personalization were these industry representatives:

Jenn Warren served as Senior Vice President, Partner Services and Delivery for MetaBank, a leading provider of innovative financial solutions for consumers and businesses in underserved niche markets. One of the largest issuers of prepaid cards in the United States, MetaBank has issued more than a billion cards in partnership with banks, program managers, payments providers and other businesses. Jenn has 16 years of experience in public and private Accounting, Banking Risk Management, Compliance and Operations.

Arindam Choudhury is a Data & Technology Executive with 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry. He leads Capgemini’s Insights & Data Practice for Banking and Capital Markets. Arindam conceptualizes, creates and advocates transformation solutions to his clients who leverage advances in AI, Big Data & Cloud technologies to deliver tangible business benefits.

Rab Govil is the CEO and founder of Naehas, an industry customer experience cloud purposely built for regulated industries. Rab is a founding board member of AI4ALL. He regularly orchestrates high-level panel discussions for the financial services industry on trends, technologies and innovations.

A Case Study in AI-Powered Success

Capgemini recently partnered with Naehas to deploy the platform for a finserv client. Focused attention was placed on hyper-personalization and streamlining marketing compliance.

The challenges, solutions and results presented address this ecosystem, and how to best achieve optimal outcomes.

How MetaBank Leveraged AI to Streamline Compliance and Maximize Resources

Capgemini and Naehas collaborated on a particularly innovative client experience for MetaBank. In addition to being widely-recognized for its prepaid card services, MetaBank is one of the top ACH originators nationwide, and sponsors more than 280,000 ATMs.

According to Choudhury, “We got this unique opportunity to work at a very large bank, to really take a step back and look at this whole ecosystem they had around disclosures and marketing compliance.” He added, “In working closely with the client, we realized the team had so many different disparate systems, with so much duplication of activities across the board, resulting in a lot of error-prone manual work.”

Project Challenges and Objectives

Martech leaders across the finserv spectrum can likely relate to MetaBank’s unique business model and its inherent challenges. An in-depth look at primary pain points and program goals relating to compliance review offers valuable insight into key offer management components: scale, speed, change management and, notably, innovation.


  • Disparate systems, duplicative activities and inconsistent process
  • Increased regulatory and business expectations
  • Long cycle times due to highly-manual, intensive process
  • Process was deemed as high risk as quality control processes were manual
  • Increased volume due to more channels and hyper personalization

The objectives were clear: To create a consistent, efficient disclosures management process and comply with regulations. The goals focused on four key areas: Efficiency; Acceleration & Scale; Effective Controls, and a Compliant Client Experience.

Platform Solutions with Intelligent Review

naehas people 1

Working closely with the client, and collaborating with key staff, Naehas and Capgemini teams better understood the solutions that were necessary to drive lasting results:

  • In-depth current state assessment
  • Benchmark against industry-wide clients of different size
  • Future state service blueprint for optimizing Disclosure Management
  • Disclosure content management user journeys and persona’s development based on the governance models
  • Simplify and automate workflows for creation and compliance of all disclosures

Business Impact and Bottom-Line Benefits

The results, remarkable by industry standards, of the intelligent review program were seen across many areas focused on speed, scale, change management and innovation.

  • Cycle time reduction for simple changes: 96%
  • Cycle time reduction for medium to compliance: 60%
  • Reduction for self reported compliance errors: 100%

The collaboration between Capgemini and Naehas helped the client develop a future state blueprint on how they go about disclosure management, content management, and how to best manage the user journeys across the different constituents within the bank.

Robust Rule Sets Drive Results

naehas people 2During program implementation, Govil noted that MetaBank’s extensive rule sets, the most robust he and his Capgemini cohort had seen, helped achieve optimal results. On results, Warren noted that MetaBank, during this implementation period, was able to absorb a significant amount of individual collateral piece volume, while reducing headcount through natural attrition. The result was the organization’s ability to reinvest FTE in other parts of the business.

“We had a good process, this just brought it to the next level,” said Warren, speaking to the issue of removing the human decisioning and moving toward AI for faster implementation.

“It’s not a matter of AI replacing people. It’s a matter of AI partnering with our people, backing each other up. We believe that’s the first foundational step to our being able to achieve greater speed-to-market,” noted the client.

She added, “We hit immediate efficiency goals with respect to our business model. We have improved turn times with this additional volume…we have seen a reduction in compliance findings, and an uptick in quality. The AI platform is still proving to be a really good investment while we are seeing a lot of growth in our company, so we are excited about that.”

The Why Behind AI

Trust and proven performance are essential. Solution partners who have experience collaborating to meet finserv needs deliver are increasingly delivering value in today’s highly-regulated and complex marketplace.

An overview of AI’s role may help martech leaders share its value across the enterprise.

The AI Compliance tool delivers significant improvements, by enabling finserv martech teams to respond to cross-enterprise and partner requirements with greater agility and confidence by:

  • Identifying errors upon initial entry based on deterministic rules
  • Centralizing rules so there is one source of truth for all teams
  • Transparently tracking change requests, annotating documents, tracking rounds, and reviewing process progression
  • Achieving faster and easier editing with automated compare, annotation and comment tools
  • Auditing all comments and approvals quickly and easily through a traceable, searchable compliance archive

Four Core Capabilities of AI for Martech Teams

Artificial intelligence in financial services offers marketing teams a wide range of benefits, from collaborative review tools to the concept of “digital compare.” This has been very useful in the review process for marketing teams, reports Govil, who emphasizes the added value of having one central place for audit history and security.

Naehas Intelligent Reviews for marketing presents these significant benefits:

  1. Automated AI Assessments: Reduce review fatigue and increase accuracy
  2. Collaborative Review Tools: Visualize reviews and remove communications failures
  3. Compares and Change Control: Eliminate corner-to-corner reviews between rounds
  4. Audit History and Security: Supports the credible challenge

Having been involved in this and many successful applications of the AI-powered platform, Naehas’ Govil emphasizes its primary advantage, “By implementing this solution, institutions find the platform allows institutions to manage the entire marketing compliance workflow. The ROI is immense.”

To view the full webinar or eBook on this topic, “How MetaBank Leveraged AI to Streamline Marketing Compliance and Maximize Resources,” register and view here: WEBINAR  |  EBOOK