End-to-end Marketing Workflow

Get to market efficiently and compliantly while decreasing risk.

A no-code, flexible system built for financial services companies. Naehas workflow makes managing content easier while fostering transparent collaboration and compliance in every step.


Built for Financial Services

Purpose-built for financial services, Naehas workflow masters your use cases with our proven flexible data model, effortlessly handling your complex, ever-changing environment.
  • Foster collaborative creativity between teams and enable adaptation and empowered decisions.
  • Dynamically adapt to unforseen market and internal shifts such as APR fluctuations, market volatility, error rectification or last minute updates, keeping your marketing operations consistently ahead of the curve.
  • Unite teams to facilitate effective client engagement while constantly meeting your brand and regulatory requirements.

Compliance-Centric Approach

At the core of Naehas workflow is a thoughtfully designed compliance-centric approach. Integrating automated controls and governance, comprehensive traceability and an advanced risk detection, our system increases efficiency, minimizes human errors, and proactively mitigates potential regulatory and compliance issues. Its adaptive capabilities evolve with your needs, driving a seamless and reliable compliance process.
  • Easy-to-read, personalized dashboards for auto-tracking progress, approvals, bottlenecks, and potential risks.
  • Traceability is built-in so that every piece of content can be mapped to its source and other areas where it is used, which results in rapid response to regulatory requests.
  • Historical tracking at every step of the workflow occurs for every change, every approval, and every deployment of content.

Flexible and Scalable

Adapt and grow without having to involve IT or plan for every possible use case. Gain control and agility with a flexible, no-code solution.
  • Directly integrate new strategies or data fields, reshape operations, and add workflow steps with the necessary permissions.
  • Metadata enables rapid onboarding and adaptation to your evolving needs and changing regulatory requirements.
  • Accelerate implementation and responsiveness in alignment with evolving business goals.

Standardized Data Model

Our decades of work in the financial industry have enabled us to create a flexible data model with classification systems that keep campaigns, programs, and offers connected in a meaningful way.
  • Start with our best practice workflow and data model for financial services and customize it to your needs.
  • Connect campaigns, programs, offers, and disclsoures in a meaningful way that facilitates and tracks forward progress.
  • Information and data will no longer be fragmented or siloed in different systems, making it difficult to implement a universal change. Any changes you make will automatically be reflected in the exact, appropriate channels and locations.