Offer Management

Personalized products, pricing and fulfillment platform.

Purpose-built for financial services companies so you can accurately build personalized offers that provide an elevated customer experience that attracts, retains and grows more customers.

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Centralized Offer Management Process

Increase the scale and effectiveness of personalized offers resulting in higher revenue and faster time to market.
  • Easily create, manage and track your different offer types, across multiple lines of business, eliminating complex and time-consuming manual processes
  • Quickly determine eligible audiences and prioritize offers based on customer and business value
  • Present personalized offers to customers in any channel, including web, email, print or branch

Dynamic Product & Pricing Strategies

Gain a competitive edge by delivering complex product and pricing strategies that aren’t possible with legacy systems.
  • Create bundled products (multi-product) offers that drive up-sell opportunities
  • Deliver relationship-based pricing that reflects the value of the relationship to the customer resulting in higher retention
  • Deploy product and pricing for very targeted segments to obtain the best risk adjusted returns
  • Learn more about Naehas Enterprise Product & Pricing
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Workflow & Governance

Automate proofing, reviews and approvals reducing risk and decreasing cycle times.
  • AI-powered quality control & auditing tools to ensure offers meet compliance and brand requirements
  • Collaborative review and approvals process to ensure that stakeholders have signed off on the final offers
  • Full auditability for every change throughout the change management process

Real-Time Fulfillment Visibility

Real-time visibility into status of offer fulfillment requirements for a better customer experience.
  • Collaboratively monitor offer responses and take a proactive approach to ensure customers satisfy all stipulations to receive their reward
  • Provide customer care teams with real-time visibility into fulfillment status to promptly respond to customer inquiries
  • Aggregate reporting and actionable insights to track offers sent to consumers and measure offer reach and performance
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Enterprise-Grade Solution

Proven to meet the security and scalability requirements of top financial services organizations.
  • Business configurable offer data models that are flexible and easy to modify and manage without IT support
  • Out-of-the-box integration with 3rd party and home-grown solutions via secure APIs
  • Data protection for stored and transmitted data is at the center of everything we do