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Disclosure management can be a major source of pain for both marketing and compliance teams. Changing global regulation, fee structure updates, various channels, and multiple languages add to the complexity of review rounds and updates.

We understand that you are constantly asked to do more with fewer resources, and that accuracy and time-to-market are critical.

With the Naehas Disclosure Management solution, your teams can gain a single source of truth and reduce regulatory risk by automating your marketing and service disclosures.

Asset Management

Naehas Has Deep Financial Service, Technology and Regulatory Subject Matter Expertise

Shared Content Enables
Global Changes Across Channels
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Naehas automates the creation of disclosures with a rules engine, quality assurance tools, and a compliance time machine to store the history of every disclosure for auditors and regulators. Unlike other solutions, it is purpose-built for the needs of the financial industry and is the only platform to provide a single source of truth across all channels.

Solution Highlights

  • Create and deliver accurate, consistent, and timely disclosures
  • Eliminate unnecessary and excessive hand-offs by streamlining workflow and automating disclosure updates
  • Store disclosures and their assets ready for automated delivery in a centralized location avoiding duplication and version control issues
  • Quickly audit market exposure including who, what, when and where the asset appeared
  • Reduce errors and manage risk with faster governance and oversight

More Value Delivered to Our Customers

Our customers quickly see impressive results using our platform, including:

  • Improved efficiency by up to 80% through the use of modular and dynamic content providing the authoritative source
  • Drastically reduced review cycle time using AI-powered assessments and comparison capabilities
  • An 80% reduction in errors, and changes systematically propagate across versions

Reach out to us to discuss how the Naehas Disclosure Management solution enables faster and accurate updates, provides a single source of truth, and reduces compliance risk.

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