Enterprise Product & Pricing

Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management for Financial Services

Our centralized solution streamlines the product lifecycle by extracting products from core systems and enhancing them with essential attributes, such as personalized pricing, disclosures and offers. Seamlessly execute and orchestrate relationship banking with powerful management tools.

Naehas has validated that Enterprise Product & Pricing runs on LinuxONE and is fully supported.

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Centralized Product & Pricing

Externalize product and pricing data from core banking systems, creating a centralized point of truth for all product and pricing information within your bank.

  • With Naehas’ core modernization integration layer, data can be easily accessed through standardized APIs and integrated with third party apps and internal systems eliminating the need for IT intervention
  • Richly embedded workflows, audit logs, and maker/checker approvals, enabling your bank to approach data with unprecedented visibility
  • Version control, comparison checking, and audit alerts provide layers of control and accountability, ensuring that all changes to the system are logged and tracked for reference

Product Strategy Workbench

Empower product teams by providing a central location to manage and model product attributes, pricing, associations, disclosures and rules.

  • Provide a workbench for product managers to park documentation and develop new products and bundles, using applied conditional logic and testing capabilities
  • Enable product price modeling that factors in adoption, dependencies, and what-if scenarios
  • Ensure all disclosure information is part of every product consideration. Learn how to manage all product Disclosures
Relationship Product Pricing

Relationship Product & Pricing

Efficiently link products and their corresponding prices or benefits with other products from different core systems.

  • Eliminate technical constraints of legacy systems to enable users to create truly, individualized relationship banking experiences
  • Segment customers based on their unique characteristics and behaviors. Dynamically adjust product offerings and pricing in real-time maximizing customer engagement
  • Seamlessly connect customers with targeted offers and promotions based on historical preferences driving customer acquisition and loyalty. Learn about Naehas Offer Management Solution

Product & Pricing Orchestration

Ensure eligible customers receive the right products at the right price, through their preferred channels.

  • Intuitive UX enabling users to administer rules around orchestration based upon both Bank protocol and customer behavior
  • Seamlessly integrate with customer-facing channels and onboarding systems for real-time visibility
  • A powerful rules engine enables action-based decisioning on product and pricing data
  • Enable quick, informed decisions with real-time and batch data processing
Core Modernization Integration Manager

Core Modernization Integration Manager

A rich tool based off APIs mapping to/from a Bank’s Core Banking, Data Warehouse and Legacy Systems.

  • 100% auditability by validating, logging, and securely storing all data, enabling transparency and mitigating compliance risks
  • Naehas provides a centralized platform for all Bank Applications (like Pega, ServiceNow, Salesforce, etc.) to access cross-product (relationship) product and pricing data. With Naehas, there is no need to develop or manage separate interfaces for each application