Naehas Enterprise Product & Pricing

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The Naehas Enterprise Product & Pricing solution enables financial services companies to create and deliver product offers seamlessly at the right price to new and existing customers. It streamlines the product lifecycle by enabling centralized control of data and provides a historical view of offers to create dynamic pricing and relationship bundles tailored to customers. Companies can manage all product and pricing, offers, disclosures, and content through one collaborative system.

Naehas Resource EPP Brief

Here are ways that our industry cloud platform generates results for leading financial services companies:

  • Maximize revenue and stay competitive by quickly launching compliant products to meet and exceed customer demands
  • Create product offers and pricing based on customer needs, eliminating the restrictions and manual effort required when integrating with multiple core or legacy systems
  • Provide transparency through disclosure management, educating the customer of their buying decision

In a complex and highly-regulated industry like financial services, time-to-market and compliance matters. Seamlessly execute and orchestrate relationship banking with powerful product lifecycle management tools from Naehas. 

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