Disclosure Management

Reduce regulatory risk by automating your marketing and service disclosures.

Naehas automates the creation of disclosures with a rules engine, quality assurance tools, and a compliance time machine to store the history of every disclosure for auditors and regulators.

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Global Updates

When prime rate changes, you can make the change across all channels using our dynamic content, shared rules, and your offer matrix — all in just minutes.
  • Cut change management time from weeks to less than an hour across all your channels
  • Eliminate the dependency on agencies and vendors for disclosure updates, saving you time and money while reducing risk
  • Change offer and pricing details in an easy-to-use Excel like interface and dynamically update your omni-channel disclosures

Flexible Data Schema

With Naehas’ centralized platform, you no longer have to scour multiple places to find what you need. Whether it’s intro prices, APR rates, balance transfer expiration dates, or product codes, simply use the Naehas platform to access all the data values for your dynamic disclosures.
  • Improve conversion rates by personalizing offers for each customer while effortlessly expanding targeting and messaging
  • Achieve personalization across channels by processing data directly in the platform
  • Stay organized knowing that Naehas is the golden source for your disclosure library and the critical data that enables dynamic disclosures

Channel Integration

Our platform lets you centrally manage disclosure content and logic across all your asset classes, channels, and fulfillment systems.
  • Cut out the unnecessary hand-offs between teams by managing disclosures and offers in a centralized location
  • Track upcoming tasks such as requesting or approving offers with the workflow management tool
  • Ensure consistency while eliminating errors and regulatory risk with integrated disclosures across all channels
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Quality Assurance

Our automated quality assurance tools have reduced errors for our bank clientele by over 90%, and they can do the same for you, too.

  • Guarantee no unexpected changes with our pixel and text comparison tools
  • Confirm the scope of change before approval by easily identifying where each piece of content is applied
  • Remove the risk of outdated Excel files and versions by managing disclosures in a central, collaborative location

Reach out to us to discuss how the Naehas Disclosure Management solution enables faster and accurate updates, provides a single source of truth, and reduces compliance risk.

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