Naehas Disclosure Management

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Naehas Disclosure Management offers critical solutions to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ensure brand and regulatory compliance in the financial services industry. This collaborative platform enables users to easily create, manage, and deploy timely, accurate, and consistent disclosures across all channels.
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The Naehas Disclosure Management solution offers the following benefits:

  1. Reduce Regulatory Risk: Ensure timely, accurate, and consistent disclosures, resulting in reduced fines, legal costs, and corrective actions. The platform provides enterprise-level oversight, auditability, and tracking of all disclosure changes.
  2. Build & Maintain Customer Trust: Deliver clear, complete, and consistent communications about products, offers, and services across all channels.
  3. Increase Speed-to-Market: Leverage modular content, intelligent review tools, and automation to significantly reduce the time required for creating, finalizing, and deploying disclosures.

Designed specifically for the financial services industry, Naehas’ solution meets the risk and scalability requirements of top financial services organizations. Learn more about the out-of-the-box features, flexible disclosure data model, keeping compliance with industry standards, best practices and regulations.

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