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Offer Management Done Well: The Benefits of Leveraging a Requirements Checklist for Marketing Leaders

This is the first in a series focused on the value of establishing success criteria for banks seeking solutions partners. Using the Offer Management Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers can deliver measurable benefits to financial institutions seeking greater personalization and profits in a time of record consumer spending. Executing on personalized offers has become a clarion call

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In financial services marketing today, familiarity breeds success

Why Personalization at Scale is within Reach The drive for customer-centricity and greater personalization is not new. In the last six months, we’ve seen our customers, particularly in banks and financial institutions, feel the pressure to reach their customers in more meaningful ways. Our customers who are growing with the best efficiency ratios know that

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Why financial services institutions are leveraging AI to streamline marketing compliance and drive growth

In an industry as competitive as financial services, the path to success – whether measured in terms of reputation, bottom line revenue, market share or customer loyalty – is forged in large part by banks’ and other financial institutions’ marketing programs. Now, more than ever, there’s huge pressure on brands to become more targeted, more personalized, more

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