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How to Offer Personalized Banking Products and Avoid Compliance Catastrophes

As the drumbeat of digital transformation has intensified through the COVID-19 pandemic, many banks and financial services organizations are turning to automation technologies to increase efficiency, personalize product offers and accelerate revenue. That said, many marketing professionals in mid-to-large-sized banks approach the creation of each offer with anxiety and trepidation about creating a noncompliant proposal. 

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Personalization In Banking: The Keys to Modern Offer Management

The promise of digital and omnichannel banking has been on the lips of financial services companies for nearly a decade. But the pandemic has brought with it an increased digital imperative and accelerated change in the process. Consumers are increasingly banking online and digital sales for banks have spiked. That said, as Deloitte notes in

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Launching Personalized Offer Campaigns: How Long Should It Take?

A recent McKinsey article warns incumbent banks that they need to take bold action to turn the tables on digitally driven disruptors. One critical opportunity for competitive advantage is personalization, leveraging the vast wealth of customer data that consumer banking, wealth management and payments companies have at their disposal.   The trouble is that marketing strategists

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Offer Management Success Criteria: A Focus on Non-Functional Requirements

In this piece, the Naehas team will continue delving into the Offer Management Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers, zeroing in on the all-important non-functional requirements. Prior articles introduced the benefit of articulating a vision for the offer management program. For marketing leaders, we’ve found that asking key questions early serves to define clear goals. Once the

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Offer Management Success Criteria: A Focus on Functional Requirements

As part of its ongoing series, the Naehas team is following up with a deep dive into the Requirements Checklist, developed in the Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers. As detailed in the initial article in this series, we created an Offer Management Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers, which features success criteria from five leading financial institutions

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Offer Management Done Well: The Benefits of Leveraging a Requirements Checklist for Marketing Leaders

This is the first in a series focused on the value of establishing success criteria for banks seeking solutions partners. Using the Offer Management Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers can deliver measurable benefits to financial institutions seeking greater personalization and profits in a time of record consumer spending. Executing on personalized offers has become a clarion call

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