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Naehas Blog: Transform Product Bundling: Personalize Relationship Banking as You Modernize Your Core
Deliver personalized financial services to your consumers by modernizing product bundles within your relationship banking strategy.
Regulations for financial service institutions are growing more complex. It’s crucial to navigate them -- and the Naehas Disclosure Management Solution is how.
Disclosure Management from Naehas is the best way for financial services institutions to reduce regulatory risk and stay compliant, no matter what happens.
By using the Disclosure Management Solution from Naehas, a global financial leader created a cohesive approach to compliance processes at an enterprise-level change.
The Schumer Box is an important tool for customer protection. It can also be a way to personalize information in a timely and compliant manner.
A compliance management system aligns financial institutions with consumer protection laws and regulations. Naehas helps you identify and eliminate risks.
What is Baas? It’s a way to leverage flexible, nimbler financial tech so you can provide more personalized banking service.
Offer management solutions from Naehas bring you close to your customers with customized offers and quicker turnarounds - all while maintaining compliance.
Traditional FDIC-insured banks are trusted more, and crypto regulations are needed, according to results of CBA survey into Americans’ finserv preferences.