Reduce Risk and Increase Transparency With Disclosure Management


Risk management is probably the most stressful and complex job in any financial institution. Maintaining compliance across multiple branches with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of customers would be an uphill battle even if regulations never changed. 

dm exmplainer blog 2And if there’s one thing we know about regulations, it is that they are always changing. 

That’s what makes disclosure management central to the stability and success of any bank or financial institution. But it is too often a patchwork of manual branch-level habits and customs. This is an expensive way to do business. It both increases the chance of costly fines for non-compliance and increases legal costs. 

dm exmplainer blog 1But an organization-wide approach to disclosure management can replace that inefficient system. When you have a streamlined, unified approach to disclosure, you can do a lot:

  • Reduce regulatory risk
  • Reduce fines
  • Reduce legal costs 
  • Build a better reputation with customers
  • Maintain positive relationships with regulatory bodies

The Disclosure Management Solution from Naehas is an organizational approach to risk reduction and regulatory compliance. Our collaborative platform allows banks to do just that. It’s how you increase efficiency. It’s how you ensure quick and accurate adherence with a shifting and tightening regulatory landscape.