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Standardizing disclosures puts lenders on an even playing field. Learn about the ways to comply with the CFPB’s Regulation Z.
The Fine Print is Critical: Reducing Risk and Penalties with Disclosure Traceability
Helping banks to quickly locate erroneous disclosures, view approval history, rectify issues promptly and avoid fines, penalties, and reputational damage.
Adding generative AI to disclosure management is about transforming how Naehas and Capgemini enable fast, compliant, and effective customer communications.
Regulations for financial service institutions are growing more complex. It’s crucial to navigate them -- and the Naehas Disclosure Management Solution is how.
Disclosure Management from Naehas is the best way for financial services institutions to reduce regulatory risk and stay compliant, no matter what happens.
By using the Disclosure Management Solution from Naehas, a global financial leader created a cohesive approach to compliance processes at an enterprise-level change.
The Schumer Box is an important tool for customer protection. It can also be a way to personalize information in a timely and compliant manner.
CBA Live 2023 was focused on regulations and transparency -- and the offer and disclosure management from Naehas helps banks satisfy both.