How Disclosure Management Reduced Risk for A Leading Financial Institution


Reducing compliance risk is the goal of every institution. The Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that 50% of banks spend as much as 10% of their revenue on compliance. Our client was no different. 

As a leader in the American and multinational financial sector, with revenue over $6B in 2022, our client had to find a way to deal with increased regulations and disclosure demand. The solution? Disclosure Management Solution from Naehas. We created a solution that provides transparency through timeless, accurate, and clear regulatory communications. 

With an enterprise-wide solution, we were able to uncover problems such as lack of delivery standardization and too much uncovered content. This led their disclosure management to be slow and more disparate, exposing them to compliance risk. 

The solution for our client was a cohesive approach to disclosure management. This resulted in a number of positive outcomes, including:

Transition away from manual processes
Massive savings in time
Increase disclosure accuracy

Boosted compliance

A foundation for internal governance

Better processes

Our client didn’t just get a quick fix. They got a fully-realized long-term solution to enterprise disclosure management. In doing so, they prepared their institution for any regulatory challenges coming their way. 

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