Intelligent Review

Leverage AI to streamline the review and approval process for all your content

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100% Accuracy

Manually reviewing every single element for compliance can be tedious and sometimes things can slip through. Our AI augmented with industry specific compliance rules will be your trusted assistant helping ensure 100% accuracy while keeping up with your ever increasing workload.
  • Our AI and compliance rules have been tuned for your industry to ensure you will be compliant
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy across your whole compliance team
  • Save time on the tedious work so that you can focus on the more interesting and value added work

Comprehensive Coverage

Ensure comprehensive coverage for your first and second lines of defense. Collaborate with all the stakeholders to streamline compliance assessments and approvals.
  • No need to sample. Using our AI and automations, you can comprehensively review every element
  • Leverage built in compare and reporting tools to provide proof of accuracy
  • Evolve with the regulations of financial institutions using flexible and easily customized reports
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Evidence & Controls

Our platform lets you centrally manage all compliance evidence in one system of record. Everything from a searchable file system, automated task management and built-in compliance reporting.

  • Consolidate all of your checklists and approval workflows into one location – gone are the days of using traditional, hard to manage spreadsheets and emails
  • Monitor tasks from creation to resolution. Never let a request fall through the cracks
  • Easily retrieve documents and audit history, providing bullet proof evidence for regulators. See who made changes and comments, when it happened and what it was