Naehas Disclosure Management Solution

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Bank marketers constantly juggle multiple priorities — from getting more personalized offers out, to boosting customer satisfaction with timely fulfillment, and ensuring rewards are done right.

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What matters most to financial institutions when thinking about the importance of disclosure management? Along with creating, managing and deploying consistent disclosures across all channels, the top goals are:

•  Reducing regulatory risk
•  Reducing fines and legal costs by tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars
•  Building trust with regulators
•  Maintaining trust with customers

All of these are vitally important, and help to feed on each other. That’s why the Naehas Disclosure Management Solution is used by top financial institutions across the country.

The Naehas Disclosure Management Solution is a collaborative platform that provides users the tools needed to manage risk, increase efficiency and ensure adherence with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Put it all together? It’s an easy way to be transparent for everyone who matters. See why Naehas helps you save money and build better relationships.

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