Spotlight on Bank Regulations and Disclosures - Executive Q&A Session

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Fresh intel incoming on bank customer satisfaction and financial service disclosures, from an exclusive and educational executive discussion with our partners at Apogee. Watch, listen and learn from a financial industry veteran, a voice of reason on all things disclosures, who offers his experience with a venerable institution, and pro tips for bank leaders.
Naehas No Form featured spotlight bank regs disclosures

Here are just some of the areas covered:

•  Why banks find disclosures so hard to manage, and common mistakes made
•  What technology can do
•  Benefits from a strong disclosure program
•  The next wave of disclosures: ESG

Banks which have a world-class disclosure operation gain significant advantages. Now more than ever, improving the customer experience, reducing regulatory risk, and partnering with tech partners for a better, faster disclosure process are essential to banks.

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