Top 5 Financial Services Firm Leverages Naehas to Transform Disclosure Management Process

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Disclosure management in today’s highly-regulated, complex financial services industry is tough. Are you a finserv martech team leader struggling with any of these challenges?

• Low efficiency
• Compliance risk
• High cycle times

• Errors in disclosures
• Scalability
• Inconsistent Channels

If these pain points are draining your team and its resources, you’ll want to see this.

This case study illustrates how a Top 5 finserv leader realized measurable and meaningful results. It’s a quick-look lesson in digital transformation and disclosure management done well.

We recently worked with a wealth management giant to leverage the Naehas Disclosure Management Automation Platform, and are pleased and proud to offer an overview of outcomes. We’re confident these solutions can digitally transform your disclosure management process, too, leading to increased efficiencies, improved accuracy, reduced errors and expedited cycle times.

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