Tracking Banking Offers and Fulfillment Manually? Why Not Go Digital?

Tracking Banking Offers and Fulfillment Manually? Why Not Go Digital?

A comprehensive offer management system, integrated with disclosure management, can help banks avoid fines, such as the ones we’ve seen in the news from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Naehas blog featured tracking banking 1Managing offers for financial products (e.g., credit cards, loans, accounts) and services to deliver more personalized banking experiences can be challenging. Institutions must understand and meet banking consumers’ expectations while also complying with a multitude of government bodies’ requirements and regulations.

At Naehas, we’ve worked with some of the top banks to help address these critical issues. The right system can identify red flags such as overcharging fees and withholding reward bonuses, and ultimately ensure quality control while boosting internal tracking tools. This kind of full auditability to monitor every change throughout the lifecycle can help offers stay compliant and lessen customer complaints. 

The right offer management system also creates connectivity and efficiencies between disparate systems, which helps achieve institutions’ core modernization goals. Additionally, it can help consumer care teams obtain real-time visibility into fulfillment status to respond promptly to consumer inquiries. This level of efficiency increases consumer care and further strengthens internal processes.  

The Naehas Offer Management Solution centralizes the offer process, making it simple for institutions to:

  • Determine eligible audiences
  • Prioritize offers based on consumer needs and business values
  • Personalize those offers through any channel (web, email, print, or branch)
  • Track and record every change for full auditability 
  • Collaboratively manage responses to customer requests, and
  • Connect various systems to gain valuable insights

Naehas blog featured tracking banking 2Are you ready to work with a team that understands the complications that come with personalized digital banking services in offers and compliance management? We have a platform purpose-built for financial services so you can accurately build personalized offers that provide an elevated experience that attracts, retains, and grows more customers. Reach out and get started today.