Disclosure Management Redefined: Embracing a New Norm for Banks

Disclosure Management Redefined: Embracing a New Norm for Banks
April 23
- April 23, 2024
Virtual        2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

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In 2023, there were 696 complaints to the CFPB about “confusing or missing disclosures.” As of early April 2024, there were already nearly 200 of these types of complaints. Complaints can result in fines in the millions of dollars, penalties, monetary relief to clients, reputational risk, and decreased client satisfaction and employee morale. Learn how banks can shift thinking about Disclosures Management can proactively mitigate non-compliant risks, while enabling the right disclosure in the right channel at the right time to the right person.

Join our experts Rab Govil and Hayat Yahia as they address solutions to the challenges banks have with disclosure management. Rab has decades of experience collaborating with large and mid-tier banks to digitize and modernize core banking systems, while Hayat draws on extensive experience from working at and with large financial institutions. They will discuss the need for new strategies to manage disclosures as a business asset, a single source of truth, end to end traceability, and a tailored and collaborative workflow.

  1. The Digital and Regulatory Evolution: We plan on exploring the digital transformation the financial service industry is going through, with a focus on leveraging automation and AI to refine disclosure management strategies, while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  2. How to Make Transformative Change: We will discuss how to make Disclosure Management a standalone business asset. This shift will allow banks to be agile, increase efficiencies, and build customer trust and engagement.
  3. The Outcome from Transformative Change: We will show you how innovative Disclosure Management techniques will revolutionize your business operations, lower risk, and improve customer experience.
  1. Understand the Shift in Disclosure Management: Not only will we tell you how to make the transformative changes needed in Disclosure Management, but we will also tell you why it is happening and why it is needed. The session will equip you with intuitive and practical strategies to apply immediately, ensuring your disclosure practices are effective and compliant.
  2. Learn How to Minimize Risk and Enhance Transparency Across Operations: You will learn how the Disclosure Management processes you implement prioritize auditability, traceability, and version control. These prioritizations result in fewer risks associated with non-compliance and more transparency across your operations.
  3. Gain Guidance that Elevates Customer and Stakeholder Experiences: With guidance from Naehas, Disclosure Management will become a tool that aids in delivering reliable and trustworthy experiences to customers and stakeholders. This session will give you the confidence you need to ensure you are delivering the most accurate, consistent, and personalized experience across all channels, which will result in increased trust and loyalty.


Rab Govil
CEO, Naehas

Rab Govil is the CEO and founder of Naehas, a leading provider of customer engagement and compliance automation solutions for highly regulated industries used by some of the largest banks and asset managers. He has been an investor and founder in several marketing and software companies. Rab has an MS from Rochester Institute of Technology in Computational Imaging where he was a President’s scholar. Rab also serves as a founding board member of AI4ALL, a US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy.


Hayat Yahia
Principal Product Manager, Naehas

Hayat Yahia is the Principal Product Manager at Naehas. Prior to driving primary offerings from conception to launch with Naehas, Hayat has over 20 years of experience in the financial services and banking industry. Her experiences in these industries as a product manager have focused on customer experience, digital transformation and strategies, and payments and account opening. These experiences make her an expert in understanding what strategies needed to be implemented to decrease risk in disclosure management and improve operational efficiency.

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