FNBO Speeds Time-to-Market and Eliminates Regulatory Risk with Naehas Disclosure Management

For those in bank marketing strategy, operations and execution, the demands are daunting. Managing a high volume of offers, increasing personalization and time-to-market, while ensuring collateral is compliant to mitigate risk – it’s a lot. We get it. And we can help.

Naehas no form FNBO Case Study

We’ve helped financial service institutions gain valuable benefits by tapping the technology that is our disclosure management platform. How’s it work? Automation. Check out this case study.

See here how Naehas worked with FNBO to eliminate regulatory risk and improve time-to-market. The case study uncovers how the platform seamlessly integrates with the bank’s existing technology investments to provide a complete solution – for offer management, marketing review powered by AI, and disclosure management.

When you’re looking to learn about best practices for bank marketing automation, reach out.

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