MetaBank Trusts Naehas Intelligent Reviews to Reduce Risk and Increase Productivity

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When MetaBank, one of the largest issuers of prepaid cards in the United States, knew their existing processes were restraining time-to-market, limiting scalability and slowing innovation, it turned to Naehas.

Why? It needed to accelerate the execution of prepaid cards and other marketing programs, while ensuring 100% accuracy. The client, which had issued more than a billion cards, generated significant improvements with Naehas’ Intelligent Reviews tool.

The impact? Reduced risk and increased productivity. A streamlined marketing collateral review process, improved speed-to-market and revenue.

We’re sharing a case study to help financial services marketing leaders see how the platform became a trusted AI-powered assistant. It delivers insights into ways Intelligent Reviews helps marketing, compliance and legal teams ensure 100% accuracy and compliance, without slowing down their ever-increasing, ambitious workloads.

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