Martech Personalization Tools: Leveraging AI for ROI

Martech Personalization Tools: Leveraging AI for ROI

What’s Next in Personalization?

It was a privilege to be asked to contribute to a report, recently released by a leading global research and advisory firm, clarifying the best practices for banks and financial service institutions. In the report, “Chart Your Course To Successful Personalization In Banking: Banks Must Align Strategy And Technology To Succeed With Personalization,” Forrester Research, Inc. (Sept. 29, 2021), the authors and participants delivered valuable, actionable insights. With a strong focus on prioritizing personalization, and using insights to inform investments, the consensus is clear: there is great capacity to leverage innovative solutions to achieve optimal experiences for the customer and the enterprise.

Collaboration: A Critical Key to Compliance

As the report clearly addressed, closing the gap between insights and engagement is vital to delivering customer value. The value of having a detailed understanding of financial industry regulations cannot be understated. The report clarifies this well in the section where I was able to contribute to the importance of upstream and downstream compliance in this way:

“Banks must seek out technology solutions that address concerns about in-house skills, regulation, and banking-specific functionality. For example, vendors such as IntelligenceBank and Naehas add banking compliance to marketing resource management. Rab Govil, founder and CEO of Naehas, adds, ‘Upstream collaboration to create and approve offers with valid product benefits, stipulations, rates, eligibility rules, and disclosures is necessary to successfully automate dynamic personalization downstream.’”

Martech leaders are increasingly thinking across functions and departments, and investing in technologies that help enterprise-wide processes for greater efficiencies. We find when people are going through strategy, to operations, marketing, customer care, fulfillment, that some parts of the process break down. At the core is compliance. Meeting all requirements is critical, and requires people from across the entire enterprise working in tandem. It’s a complex interplay of marketing technologies which drive the experience for the customer. Getting it right is critical.

The value of building a modern marketing stack which can connect to the full banking system offers immense ROI.

We see this in case studies of offer management success time and again. For our part, Naehas helps banks, insurance and wealth management companies automate the creation and delivery of personalized offers for all of their financial products and services. By integrating with existing martech and back-end systems, we’re able to bring a modern, centralized platform for managing, accelerating, and fulfilling customer experiences.

These measurable results are the byproduct of several key themes converging: collaboration, cross-functional efforts, aligning strategy and technology, and ensuring insights drive investments. The more martech teams embrace these on their personalization journey, throughout the offer management lifecycle, the stronger the results.

Leading organizations, including top financial services companies and regional banks, rely on Naehas to help them accelerate time to market, increase response and conversion rates, reduce costs, and eliminate compliance errors. In today’s competitive and complex market, those leading the way in financial services, wealth management and insurance offer management are eager to find ways to optimize offers.

Toward Greater Understanding of AI-optimized Technology

With a focus on time-to-market, solutions which address the common challenges inherent in manual workflows are driving martech leaders to implement Artificial Intelligence for greater results.

As in the case with all of the resources we provide to the industry, this column is one more way to advance a greater awareness of artificial intelligence-supported tools. The greater the understanding of AI’s role in the personalization process, and its myriad benefits to banks in facilitating compliance, the better the outcomes will be. The enterprise lands and expands its relationships, while providing a stronger customer experience for an AI-infused win-win.

As a long-time champion of innovation, and a collaborator by nature, it’s encouraging to see the growing awareness of AI tools by the industry’s leading institutions. In order to achieve better outcomes, and meet the industry’s mission of serving customers better, we need to continue to share and leverage learning, and connect for what’s next.

Here, then, in an effort to extend understanding by martech leaders seeking better outcomes, are ways in which AI-enhanced offer management delivers measurable and meaningful results.


  • Manual offer review and approval workflows
  • High IT and overhead costs
  • IT-driven reporting and spreadsheets
  • Frequent fulfillment challenges
  • Slow approval workflows
  • Elevated risk and compliance issues


  • Automated, intelligent review
  • Reduced IT and operational costs through innovation
  • Business user-configurable data model and analytics
  • Seamless fulfillment process
  • Faster approval time
  • Reduced risk and QA review time

These results overcome the most vexing challenges met by marketing and compliance teams in the offer management process, including workflow delays and risks of manual processes and errors. Those who have experienced these benefits tell our teams that the ability to assign people to other tasks in the enterprise brings added value, as they’re able to focus on other priorities across the enterprise.

Time to market impact, increasingly top of mind in such a competitive and highly-regulated industry, is another impressive outcome clients are appreciating after partnering with us to implement AI-assisted tools. We’re proud to have helped finserv martech teams achieve the following results:

  • Ideation to Market: 60 days vs 5 days
  • Change Management: 60 days vs 1 day
  • Review & Approvals: 20 days to 1 day

The benefits are compelling. Our DX and CX-focused industry partners have proven time and again. They make a case for expanding understanding of the personalization journey that prioritizes the customer experience, all while achieving workflow efficiencies and compliance.

The road to greater personalization is paved with powerful technologies. These purposely-built platforms help martech teams address and overcome the common challenges offer management presents. As the report reinforced, aligning strategy and technology is a critical step toward success. Through the resourceful series of writings, webinars, solution briefs and case studies Naehas offers, we’re striving to generate better outcomes for the industry overall.

It’s why it was a privilege to connect with leading consultants and contribute to the recently-published “Chart Your Course To Successful Personalization In Banking: Banks Must Align Strategy And Technology To Succeed With Personalization,” Forrester Research, Inc. (Sept. 29, 2021).

We’re eager to extend support in ways that connect the dots from the personalization ecosystem to proven offer management platform solutions to help banks achieve their goals.

Trusted partnerships are key to their success in reaching their goals of landing and expanding customer relationships, while generating profits. To that end, we are committed to continually sharing lessons learned from the valuable collaborations that our industry partners and Naehas have formed.

Stay engaged.