Key Elements of Personalized Offer Management in Banking Today


In today’s fast-paced financial service industry, “keeping the promise” for customers is key. But as most bank marketing teams know, there is nothing easy about that. And it is definitely not just one department or division given full responsibility for this, as it truly is an enterprise-wide initiative. Here, then, key elements to personalized offer management to drive results.

key elements graphics 1 As Naehas CEO, Rab Govil, stated clearly in a recent webinar, the goal is to make sure that both the customer and the bank get a positive return. When it comes to offer management, especially during times of market volatility and multiple rate changes, the value of automated systems to help banks manage the complete product and offer lifecycle is crucial to success.

Streamline and Scale Offer Management: A Closer Look

For bank martech teams looking into the new year and wondering how their systems will keep up with increasing demands, here’s a tip: Tap the expertise of those who know well and have serviced many financial institutions in their efforts to generate value for their organizations while ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Don’t miss this actionable-insight packed webinar which delivers key elements to offer management success: “Drive Greater Profitability and Exceptional Customer Experiences with Personalized Offers

key elements graphics 3Addressing the need for financial institutions of all sizes to invest in technology that brings automation and delivers meaningful, measurable results, Govil and his team regularly work with enterprise teams to help them coordinate a modern marketing stack to deliver dramatic results in process and productivity.

“When a prime rate changes, every channel, every offer and every step must change,” said Govil. “This can take teams up to four weeks, as we’ve heard regularly from even top banks,” he noted, adding, “But with our automated system, we can do that in one afternoon.”

“The ROI is immense,” says Govil. He discussed the essentials of automation for offer management, as he led a webinar panel discussion with marketing strategy and customer experience leaders from Forrester and Capgemini.

Here’s a quick look at the roles and goals of various teams involved in offers and focused on “keeping the promise:” Strategy and Product Owners, Marketing Operations, Delivery, Compliance, and Fulfillment. Each has a major function to play in ensuring an exceptional customer and bringing value to the enterprise. Streamlining and scaling offer management takes technology that can keep up with the myriad musts of both customer expectations and enterprise goals.

  • Strategy: Enterprise product definition and pricing; eligibility; and campaign strategy. The team members are basically saying, “I need to deliver a more personalized product and services to deliver better risk-adjusted returns.”
  • Operations: Product and pricing metadata, timing, rules, stipulations, as well as the vitally important disclosures and quality assurance. Along with strategy partners, they are continually reinforcing the need for the customer to have a great experience without any compliance issues.
  • Creative and production division teams want to say to the rest, “Please help me create and execute these campaigns without errors across all channels.”
  • Compliance: fully focused on ensuring all regulatory requirements are met, to reduce risk, avoid fines and ensure compliance with all related regulations.
  • Delivery: content management and personalization; collaborative design; QU validation; delivery.
  • Fulfillment teams are managing reporting on performance and compliance; customer care resolution; and actionable insights.

Modern marketing stacks: A Must Have in Finserv

key elements graphics 2The ability of banks to manage the volume of offers, multiple prime rate changes and continuing demands from bank executives and customers makes it vital that financial service team leaders build a modern marketing stack to maintain processes, leverage automation and get results.

Tune in to tap expertise of Naehas CEO, Rab Govil, who was joined by industry-leading marketing minds from Forrester and Capgemini as they addressed what is needed to

Drive Greater Profitability and Exceptional Customer Experiences with Personalized Offers.” Gaining perspective from tech leaders who have managed offers for banks large and small is a wise investment of time and attention that will deliver ROI to your team and your enterprise.