Offer Management Success Criteria: A Focus on Non-Functional Requirements


In this piece, the Naehas team will continue delving into the Offer Management Buyer’s Guide for Personalized Offers, zeroing in on the all-important non-functional requirements. 

Prior articles introduced the benefit of articulating a vision for the offer management program. For marketing leaders, we’ve found that asking key questions early serves to define clear goals. Once the team knows what’s needed, it can best leverage the Requirements Checklist, ensuring the solutions partner meets specific criteria. As a follow-up, we addressed the functional requirements a financial services company would want to ensure its vendor can meet.
Next up, three essential considerations in the martech team’s partner selection process: third-party integrations, an enterprise grade solution, and financial industry expertise. When reviewing success criteria, offer management teams who focus on these requirements will be well-positioned to select vendors whose solutions integrate with their existing architecture.

Simply put, seeking and finding the right solutions partner can make all the difference.

Addressing Third-Party Integrations

The ability of an offer management platform to deliver where third-party integrations are concerned is critical. Applying the criteria established in the Requirements Checklist can solidify successful vendor selection. Examples of capabilities might include their ability to:

  • Link to systems (Salesforce, Adobe, Aprimo, PEGA) 
  • Send encrypted data to multiple systems/LOBs
  • Possess existing strategic relationships and integrations

Enterprise Grade Solution

A must on the marketing leader’s list: Ensuring that a vendor has an enterprise grade solution which has been proven to meet the requirements at other financial services organizations. 

Why does it matter? In many ways, all critical to offer management success for the enterprise. Optimal partners will have a solution that is business configurable with no code changes needed. Vendors with experience addressing these challenges will provide the strongest support. 

To meet key goals, financial services companies should ensure the solution partner they entrust with their offer management program can demonstrate capabilities in six key areas:

1.  Security
2.  Control and Auditability
3.  Risk Mitigation
4.  Scalability
5.  Empowerment
6.  Configurability 

What questions should be asked in the selection process? Can they: Add users to the offer management system? Allow multiple users within the system? Maintain the correct level of security required for stored and transmitted data? Demonstrate ease of use and navigation of the proposed solution? 

These and other non-functional but critical success criteria matter.

Industry Experience

In a highly-regulated and complex industry, identifying vendors with deep financial industry experience is a fundamental non-functional factor for offer management success.

Empowered by checklists, benchmarks and self-assessments, a marketing team can proceed prepared and capable to meet the myriad challenges the current climate presents. To be sure, enterprises which equip themselves with the proper tools, technology and vendor partners, to face the complexities of offer management and compliance, are well-poised for long-term growth.

The Naehas Offer Management Buyer’s Guide was specifically designed to identify critical success criteria factors. Why? To assist finserv teams in finding the right partner and platform to drive greater personalization and profits.

Benefits of a Good Solutions Partner

As we’ve seen time and again, the right offer management solutions provider can deliver vital, valuable capabilities. Careful vendor selection, with specific criteria being met, can and should produce a profitable partnership. In harnessing the benefits delivered by a trusted platform, offer management teams — from strategy, operations, execution, compliance, and reporting —  all have their greatest pain points addressed. Both the customer and the enterprise win.

Vendor Selection Simplified for Success

Now more than ever, effective and efficient offer management solutions are vital for finserv companies to deliver better experiences, and drive revenue. Leveraging the Offer Management Requirements Checklist makes the selection process simpler and more successful. 

If you’re embarking on a vendor selection process, download the Requirements Checklist Now.