Make Banking More Personal With Offer Management Solutions


When your customers shop for clothes online, it’s personalized. When they receive offers and notifications from their subscriptions, those offers are targeted toward them. And when they sign up for something? Instant reward.

Naehas blog monthly om explainer companion image 1 revBut it’s different with banking. Offers have to be compliant with regulations, which traditionally involves multiple layers of review, and scrutiny over every last line. It’s hard to be nimble. It’s hard to be fast, and most of all, it’s hard to be personal.

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Increasingly, that’s become incompatible with the marketplace of expectations. Your customers demand timely offers. They expect personalization. And they’re used to getting rewarded for accepting offers right away. In short, they want to feel connected to their bank — and not just be a number. That’s a challenge when dealing with regulations and restrictions. Fulfilling customer expectations and legal obligations can seem overwhelming.

The offer management solution from Naehas has turned the hard-to-do into the already-done.

The Naehas offer management solution helps you at every step of the process.

  • Naehas blog monthly om explainer companion image 2 revDefine the right offers for the right audiences while ensuring compliance
  • Build and automated workflow and governance system
  • Deliver personalized offers in any channel, physical or digital
  • Track fulfillment status, customer inquiries, and rewards

Increased revenue. Higher customer satisfaction. The ability to grow your products and develop real long-term loyalty. That’s what happens when you use smart technology to create real human connections.

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