Naehas CEO Interview with BIAN

CEO Rab Govil met with a spokesperson for the BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network) Banking Summit to provide insights about the banking industry and graph-based data models. Govil emphasized the pivotal role of digitization in fostering communication among legacy systems. Banks can evolve from linear processes to create object-oriented graphs among product, pricing, offer, and disclosure systems. Doing so can be transformative, and helps to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue.

Govil also discussed founding two new BIAN working groups: the Content and Disclosure Services Working Group, and the Marketing Business Domain Working Group. The parameters of these working groups, respectively, is to:

  • Focus on what is required for managing disclosures and content for all servicing communication across a bank, and
  • Develop business scenarios including a standardized nomenclature and data model for all banking products.

We are excited to partner with BIAN and to initiate these working groups. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.