Naehas & Capgemini:

How Banks Can Use Generative AI to Enhance Marketing Disclosures

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At Naehas, we are particularly excited by the role generative AI can take in streamlining the disclosure management process.
We are already starting to use it in the creation, editing, and distribution of content across channels for financial institutions, and we see the following benefits:
  • Efficiency, scalability, and speed by quickly producing new content drafts using prior compliant communications and incorporating new requirements and context utilizing adaptive learning
  • Customized and personalized disclosure creation based on data driven content, events, and rule-based criteria delivery. This ensures timely, relevant disclosures to the customer’s journey and tailored to specific jurisdictions, markets and cultures, and crafted in multiple languages
  • Disclosure accuracy and consistency across all communications by adhering to compliance and brand guidelines
  • Cost efficiency by automating routine and repetitive tasks resulting in reducing the risk of human errors and enabling teams to focus on more strategic tasks

Having a digitized disclosure management system that serves as a single source of truth for multiple and diverse teams, combined with generative AI, significantly amplifies efficiency and dramatically reduces compliance risks and eases workloads. Adding generative AI to the system is about transforming how Naehas and Capgemini enable fast, compliant, and effective customer communications that include the right set of disclosures.

Download the eBook