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Bureau of Consumer Protection (Branch of FTC)

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What is Bureau of Consumer Protection?

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This branch of the FTC that handles consumer protection matters. The Bureau includes the Director, as well as several Divisions, including:

Advertising Practices
Enforces truth-in-advertising laws.

Financial Practices
Enforces laws on deceptive and unfair practices in the financial services industry.

Marketing Practices
Enforces the law with respect to Internet, telecommunications, and direct-mail fraud; deceptive spam; fraudulent business, investment, and work-at-home schemes; and the national Do Not Call violations.

Privacy and Identity Protection
Enforces the law with respect to consumer privacy; breaches of data security; identity theft; and laws and regulations for the credit reporting industry.

Litigates civil contempt and civil penalty actions to enforce all FTC federal court injunctions and administrative orders that address consumer protections issues.

Consumer and Business Education
Plans, develops, and implements creative national campaigns to alert consumers to their rights.