Benefits of AI-Powered Platforms for Marketing Reviews of Regulated Content


For marketing and compliance teams, finding ways to achieve faster time-to-market is critical. So, too, is reducing risk, and meeting regulatory and brand guidelines. All of this calls for solutions that drive consistency and improve auditability. This is especially the case with those financial service marketers managing the review process of regulated content. Compliance is key and time-to-market critical. Leading the way are those businesses which find solutions to meet and overcome the myriad marketing challenges inherent in the financial services industry today.

To keep you both informed and efficient, we’ve checked in with our top experts who shared what they are seeing as the primary trouble spots and tech trends. To that end, we’ll deep dive into resources which leading banks and wealth management firms are leveraging to alleviate compliance review-related pain points and optimize outcomes.

Common Challenges with Regulated Content Reviews

  • Manual review, across increasing volumes of content and increasing regulations, is not scalable, placing organizations at risk
  • Dramatic increase in new regulations and enforcement actions
  • Tension between marketing teams (seeking increased agility) and legal/compliance teams (needing to eliminate any risks)

Faced with an increasing volume of content and the increasing complexity of regulations, the demand from both sides, without increased resources, puts enormous strain on teams.

The environment in which highly regulated companies must operate has expanded enormously. Institutions are being monitored more closely, with regulations being enforced more vigorously than ever. For institutions to be successful, they must be able to execute their marketing communications creatively, efficiently and in full compliance with the plethora of regulations that are managed and enforced by federal, state and other governmental agencies.

As a result, institutions are evaluating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and solutions like Naehas Intelligent Reviews™ for Marketing to deal with these complexities. In working toward finding partnerships and platforms to support their efforts, institutions are defining important requirements from those technology solutions teams. That makes perfect sense, as risk management and operational efficiencies are key drivers for success.

Marketing Content Review “Must Haves”

benefits 2For marketing technology teams operating In a fast-paced, competitive market, amidst a complex regulatory environment, there is typically a list of top priority criteria required of platform partners:

  • Serve as an accurate, consistent, and efficient review assistant
  • Reduce cycle times and review fatigue for marketing, legal and risk teams
  • Reduce compliance issues from subjective reviews and error-prone manual process
  • Allow greater volume of offers with greater accuracy
  • Improve productivity and handle increased volume without increasing headcount
  • Reduce risk

Financial service organizations of all types and sizes are driving toward digital transformation. In doing so, they are better equipped to manage the challenges of regulated content review.

Marketing with confidence is important, and can be achieved when leveraging a trusted, streamlined regulatory compliance tool across marketing communications processes.

As banks and wealth management firms seek to gain and maintain improvements in their regulated marketing content review processes, martech leaders who leverage innovative cloud platform technology can anticipate significant results.

Benefits of Automated Review of Regulated Content

  1. Reducing risk, by reviewing more content with greater accuracy.
  2. Increase productivity, by reducing review cycle times and enabling more content and offers with confidence.
  3. Driving consistency, by having a comprehensive rules-based assessment that guides your review and approval process
  4. Improving auditability, by centrally managing all evidence in one source of truth thereby supporting credible challenges

Case Study in 50% Cycle Time Reduction 

In one instance, a national bank client realized a 50% reduction in cycle time after it engaged Naehas as a solution partner. The results were measurable and meaningful: the institution achieved considerable savings, reduced risk, increased process efficiencies, lessened approval times and reduced time-to-market by leveraging our solution. One of the largest issuers of prepaid cards in the United States, the client leveraged the Naehas Intelligent Review platform to review and assess more than 200 documents a day across 50 partners. Here’s a glance at how they exceeded their marketing goals.

The Pain Points
The Platform Plan
The Results
Business Impact

“This tool is the best assistant that marketing and compliance teams need…allows us to send out more offers and more content at scale with confidence,” according to the client.

The Tech Toolkit: Regulatory Compliance Essentials

The automated assistant that companies like this utilize helps compliance and legal teams ensure 100% accuracy and compliance, without slowing down their ever-increasing and ambitious workloads. By employing artificial intelligence, augmented with industry-specific compliance rules, solutions like the Naehas Intelligent Reviews reduce tedious, error-prone manual review processes, and ensure consistency and accuracy across the entire marketing workflow. As a result, talented and valuable marketing, compliance, and legal staff are freed up to advance more interesting, pressing, and valuable work.

Manual content change management, compliance, and legal review processes that once took days or weeks can now be reduced to hours or minutes, both reducing the institution’s regulatory risk and increasing its ability to reach more business targets with more
offers more rapidly.

Where regulatory compliance is concerned, we’ve been able to support the work of leading finserv companies by enabling them, through the Intelligent Review tool, to centrally manage all compliance evidence in a single, searchable file system, and to demonstrate compliance using the built-in compliance reporting functionality. This creates a bulletproof audit history for regulators.

These combined results are why AI-empowered technology is increasingly being recognized as a marketing force multiplier.

5 Benefits of Future-Proofing Review Workflow

benefits 1AI-powered solutions are poised to become commonplace across financial services, as these automated assessments provide vital support.

  1. Initiate a review directly from your workflow
  2. Generate an automated assessment
  3. Review and collaborate
  4. Compare changes between rounds
  5. Approve and archive

The measurable outcomes realized across finserv enterprises that leverage this technology create a compelling case for the increased use of AI tools for ad and disclosure reviews.

The why behind AI is clear: these solutions empower financial institutions, and prepaid card issuers, to gain a competitive edge, while offering customers better products and services.