Best Practices in Banking Personalization for Marketing Leaders


Advances in automation are serving the needs of banks looking to enhance personalization and profits. For banks and wealth management institutions facing the complexities of a highly-regulated industry, two key challenges reign supreme: prioritizing personalization for better customer experiences, and improving time-to-market. Each of these, when done well, helps marketing technology leaders achieve two key goals: differentiating themselves from others to gain a competitive advantage, and landing and expanding customer relationships to drive revenue. As some of the financial institution’s top marketing teams have learned first-hand, marketing automation makes this happen. A bonus, vital where regulatory compliance rules rule: automation creates operational efficiencies that handle an ever-increasing volume of marketing collateral and offers, which proves critical to managing compliance risk.

For those who spend their days addressing common but vexing bank marketing challenges, knowledge is power.

How to best stay ahead?

Stay informed. Identifying tech tools that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver personalized products, pricing and experiences is an important step to getting and staying ahead in this competitive market.

Those martech leaders who best understand, and work across the enterprise to implement, best practices are well-positioned to achieve the institution’s goals. We’ve seen this first-hand with top banking clients who faced common challenges and reached out for information and support.

Understanding how cloud-based platforms partner with your enterprise to manage the complete customer lifecycle, and generate results, becomes a marketing force multiplier.

The best returns on investment emerge from best practices and the best partnerships. What matters most? First and foremost, trust. Close behind, the need for innovative tech partners who value collaboration, offer deep industry knowledge, proven experience, and competence.

naehas team collaborate

Whose job is it?

For those managing marketing for financial services, often referred to as finserv or fintech martech leaders, the pressure to perform has never been greater. Speed to market, enhanced personalization, multi-product offers, and more of them, managing content compliance, disclosure management and managing risk are all top of mind.

The range of professionals working in this space cover many responsibilities and roles. We’ve partnered across the enterprise with a variety of titles:

  • Senior Vice President, Marketing Operations, or SVP, Partner Services and Delivery
  • Vice President of Consumer Marketing
  • Product Manager, Segment Manager, Channel Delivery Manager
  • Head of Marketing Execution, or Credit Cards Senior Vice President
  • Head of Marketing Technology, Director of MarTech Execution, or MarTech IT Leader

How Platforms Improve Personalization, Productivity and Profits

Technology is in place to provide marketing and product teams with the confidence to deliver more personalized products and experiences to their customers, so they can look outward at growth and innovation — not inward at risks.

A valuable benefit of platform technology available to fintech today is its ability to manage the complete offer lifecycle from strategy to fulfillment, including tracking of when customers have met the offer requirements.

Working collaboratively with technology leaders who have designed proven cloud-based solutions is an important next step to navigating the regulatory waters. So, too, is being laser- focused on greater personalization and profitability. Finding trusted automated assistance can be a game-changer in helping staff be free to tend to value-added activity and new growth opportunities. Staffing issues, combined with the manual, error-prone, friction-burdened processes, call for a fresh look at cloud-based platforms which automate, simplify and execute flawlessly.

Our work with top Fortune 500 financial institutions positions us well to serve as a trusted partner and ongoing resource to those dealing with these daunting but doable challenges daily.

Who are we? A leading industry cloud for financial services companies to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The platform solutions we’ve purposely-built for the highly-regulated industries like finserv help enterprise teams deliver personalized products, pricing and experiences.

This is one of many ways our team supports the needs of financial services and wealth management firms seeking to improve their customer relationships. The platform solutions we’ve purposely-built for the highly-regulated industries like finserv help enterprise teams deliver personalized products, pricing and experiences.

Cloud-based customer-centric solutions like Naehas help accelerate time to market, increase response and conversion rates, reduce costs and eliminate compliance errors to mitigate risk. These are impactful and important innovations.

Prioritizing Personalization: Job #1

More than ever, getting the customer experience right matters. Moments-based marketing is producing greater outcomes than mass marketing, especially in such a highly-competitive market. To this end, addressing common challenges inherent in personalization, in a way that drives profits, is fundamental to any financial services marketing effort.

A webinar our CEO, Rab Govil, facilitated recently included respected leaders in digital transformation and customer experience. A resourceful eBook we created, which offered highlights and insights from that high-level discussion, included ways to meet the challenge of driving growth with platform technology, and key portions featured here. You won’t want to miss the actionable insights our collaborative partners share in these and other high-value resources.

The main pain points when executing personalized offers

Better Outcomes
pain point 1 a
  • Unable to create offers to bundles (multi-product)
  • Inability to offer relationship based dynamic pricing
Higher Efficiency
pain point 2 a
  • Disjointed, manual processes lead to long time to market
  • Error prone process with long payment cycles (30-45 days)
Customer Experience
pain point 3 a
  • Highly manual processes with no visibility into customer status
  • Extremely slow customer care/customer resolution

Customer-centric Solutions Drive Relationships and Revenue

Achieving offer management success calls on a team of partners, platforms and processes. Identifying the best players takes effort, but can create immense return on investment.

Finding partners who deliver personalized products, pricing and customer experiences with cloud platform technology is a marketing must for finserv firms looking to generate results in 2022.

In today’s marketplace, bank offer management software is available to answer enterprise-wide demands. Attuned to the industry’s complexities, leading technology firms are now able to deliver an industry cloud designed purposefully to help financial companies accelerate the delivery of more personalized products and offers across all channels with greater accuracy.
Next up in this series on bank personalization: A deep dive into best practices for managing the complete product and offer lifecycle.