Driving Digital Transformation for Disclosure Management


Lack of standardization and automation in Disclosure Management slows down customer communications and impacts marketing velocity and compliance. Increased regulatory compliance and business demands, and evolving customer needs are posing challenges for many financial institutions. As a result, banks, insurance and wealth management companies continue to struggle creating disclosure reports and communications in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, financial organizations face challenges with:

  • Use of disparate systems
  • Highly inconsistent processes for various kinds of disclosures
  • Duplication of efforts leading to inefficiencies
  • Long cycle times due to highly manual processes
  • Lack of visibility across teams and their roles and responsibilities
  • Time to market

What is the key to streamline Disclosure Management and increase campaign velocity?

A recent benchmarking study by Capgemini shows that successful organizations have a centralized governance structure across various departments and well-defined processes, as well as use workflow and content management technology extensively.

Assess and Benchmark Your Current Disclosure Processes

Naehas has partnered with Capgemini to offer an assessment for financial institutions to gain insights into their current state of disclosure management, and learn what it takes to set up a best-in-class disclosure management process.

By reinventing your Disclosure Management process and infusing it with the latest technologies and industry best practices, you can create a scalable and efficient process with superior compliance and risk controls. Organizations that follow best-in-class practices can effectively adhere to internal controls, minimize liability, and be transparent with customers all while meeting regulatory requirements and business goals.