Cutting through clutter: How Naehas helps streamline the last mile in disclosure management at FNBO

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At Naehas, we’ve been hard at work to solve some of the most complex marketing challenges facing many highly regulated industries. These challenges typically start with how to get more personalized offers to customers more quickly in the channels they respond to without putting their organization at risk. Our focus is to help our customers optimize, automate, and achieve greater control over the entire offer lifecycle – from strategy to fulfillment.

 Some of these initiatives include:
  • Personalizing more offers and evaluating their success
  • Ensuring a great customer experience in how those offers are fulfilled
  • Managing those offers and their content from creation to completion across multiple channels
  • Reducing marketing review cycles so that offers are delivered more quickly while meeting all brand and regulatory guidelines

The last mile in automation is in the streamlining of the marketing and service disclosures that go out with nearly every piece of customer communication. One of our customers, the First National Bank of Omaha (FBNO) turned to us to do just that. Here is a quick summary of their challenge:

  • FNBO produces roughly 1,500 variations of creative materials, which require financial disclosure elements.
  • These SoCTs (Summary of Credit Terms: FNBO’s term for all disclosures required on marketing solicitations) include Schumer box content as well as any reward terms and bonus offers.
  • The disclosures consist of multiple paragraphs sized and positioned in layouts specific to each form of communication and regulatory requirements.
  • Each piece can have up to six different layouts for multiple uses, such as a tri-fold mailing, a welcome folder insert, a laminated display, a dual-fold brochure, etc.
  • Every version must be perfect because the bank is held accountable for whatever it says.

Cori Swanson, senior manager of strategic implementation, explained,

“A large campaign might have 20 different variations. In the past, all 20 had to go to agencies to be mocked up individually and then sent to our print provider.”

FNBO knew it needed to find a way to streamline its process to accelerate its time to market while reducing regulatory risk. Read the full case study on how they approached this with Naehas: FNBO Case Study


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