Spotlight Series: Bank Regulations and Disclosures, Part 3: How Technology is Becoming a Critical Resource for Banks


In this edition of our newest Naehas Spotlight Series, I’ll be sharing highlights from a recent executive discussion I had with the CEO and Founder of Apogee Process Improvement. The topic: banking disclosures. As someone who likes to solve problems and create strong partnerships, I’m always eager to sit down with experts like Brent Bahnub and gain perspective.

Brent’s answers and actionable insights to specific questions on disclosures, and on broader issues of banking regulation. You’ll want to see the full interview here.

A quick summary of Brent’s impressive industry background. It helps to see how his experience has led him to be a solution provider today, helping financial services companies reduce risk and create better disclosure processes.

Before becoming the CEO and Founder at Apogee, Brent was the Managing Director and Control Officer Executive at JP Morgan Chase. He has held positions at First Niagara, National City Bank, and has written a book, Activity-Based Management for Financial Institutions. He has co-authored four patents, and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. That’s quite a solid record of accomplishment.

Brent graciously offered his expertise in answering focused questions on financial services – banking regulations and disclosures. This is an important and timely series for banks challenged with multiple rate increases, and eager to leverage innovative technology solutions to cut cycle time, cut risk and manage disclosures better.

I’m certain that the information he has shared with us, in this and other interview segments, will drive better outcomes – to meet the needs of customers and regulators – and that is precisely what banks today, with partners like Apogee and Naehas, strive to do.

What are you seeing on the technology side that you’re excited about?

Here is what Brent offered on effective tech innovations which banks are tapping.

“There is a great convergence of technology in different areas with disclosures. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very useful in being able to find where the disclosures are. It may not yet be perfect, but both AI and the machine learning aspect of AI is very important to finding where you may have issues.

fintech 2There are great tools, Naehas being one of them, that are able to take the Single Source of Truth and get it linked to the customer communications, so it is tracking the communications and you have that logging. It is much easier now, with a tool like that, to find where it is you are communicating ‘Past performance is no guarantee of future results.’ You will have an inventory that is never out of date.

So there are different components along the way that banks can use to help the situation, and they may need several of these tech tools to have a full holistic solution to disclosures in a particular environment.”

My colleagues and I at Naehas, much like Brent and his Apogee consultant team, speak often about the critical importance of automation for banks to manage disclosures and reduce risk. Our Resource Center offers a wide range of eBooks, blogs, solution briefs, case studies and videos to help those in the throws of disclosures get a better understanding of innovation, automation and the ways it quite easily – and speedily – solves disclosure pain points.

fintech 1Especially during this period of market volatility, with multiple rate changes by the Federal Reserve, as well as increased emphasis on the customer’s needs, there is no better time to pivot to partnerships and platform technologies that help banks to do disclosures better.

It’s easy to see why Brent and his team at Apogee Process Improvement have been able to achieve such great results for their clients. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks for taking this time to talk with us about your experience with disclosures. Feel free to reach out to Apogee or Naehas to learn more about what we can do around helping you with your disclosure process and tools that make it a bit easier to get a handle on this.